Machine d'affacturage de rainurageMachine à rainurerMachines à rainurer

Machines à rainurer : améliorer la fabrication moderne

Precision in Grooving:

  • Enables exact grooves with consistent depth and width across materials.

Boosted Productivity:

  • Automates grooving tasks, significantly reducing production time and increasing output.

Versatile Applications:

  • Essential in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and packaging industries for precise material processing.

Innovation and Design:

  • Empowers designers with the freedom to explore complex grooves, enhancing product functionality and aesthetics.


  • Minimizes material waste, promoting more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Rapport coût-efficacité:

  • Despite advanced capabilities, it offers long-term savings through reduced waste and improved product quality.

Future Potential:

  • Advances in AI and automation are set to further refine precision and adaptability, promising even greater efficiency and versatility.

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